What You Need to Know About CBD and Sex

What You Need to Know About CBD and Sex

cbd and sex

cbd intimacy oilHaving a good sexual drive is not only important for a healthy relationship, but it also affords you balance in your psychological and mental health. You might be wondering if CBD intake will improve your libido, if your sex drive can get a boost with a dose of CBD. Is CBD and sex a match made in heaven? I will say yes! Here is what I mean

The Sexual receptors and actions in the body
There are different receptors and hormones that are responsible for sexual responsiveness, and how much pleasure and satisfaction you will derive from sex. These receptors and hormones determine your body’s response to sex stimulations like touch, caresses, and kisses, etc. what happens when these hormones are triggered directly or indirectly? One such receptor is the (ECS) Endocannabinoids system, and researchers have found out that these ECS are the biggest ‘players’ present in sexual reproductive parts like the testicles, fallopian tubes, vagina, ovaries, etc. and the brain. You can think of these receptors as the ‘heat’ we need in preparing our meals; and if so, CBD compounds are the ‘fire’

How CBD compounds can make you sexually responsive
While there is a little study available on the direct reaction between CBD and sex, there are lots of shared experiences and anecdotes that prove that CBD in your system improves your sexual drive and help you climax longer.

CBD oils eliminate sexual pains
The major turn off during sexual activity is linked to a term called Dyspareunia. This is a common name for all conditions that leads to painful sex, and is a leading cause to why over 60% of women have low sexual responsiveness. This can be caused by inflammations in the body, dryness, and discomforts in the muscles during sex. CBD oils through Topical application can be applied to such sensitive areas, to relax the muscles.

cbd intimacy oilImproved and prolonged orgasms
The peak of sexual activities is the most pleasurable moment there is, and when one of the sexual partners hardly ‘reaches’ this point, they usually have little desires for sex. But when CBD compounds are ingested, they increase the ebb of blood to sexual sensitive tissues and nerve, which gives out the right sexual sensation. An anecdote from Dr. Robb Farms backs this study by claiming that increase of flow to a female’s sex organs during sex will significantly improve the amount of sexual satisfaction she derives.

Your Anxiety kills your sex drive
“I had to start declining workloads when I saw it affected my performances (in bed) and was taking a toll on my marriage. CBD intimacy oils helped me to calm my nerves also.” an anecdote from a banker. Sex is not only a physical act, but it involves the mental and psychological presence of both partners. One of the biggest inhibitors to great sexual activity is your level of anxiety and stress. CBD intimacy oils help to calm your nerves and languid mental state, solve erectile dysfunctions, and get you fired up for a good sexual action.

cbd intimacy oilRecommendations and Conclusion
When CBD compounds are used as a sexual stimulant, attention should be paid to the dosage; as too high dosages can ruin the moment and your performance. So it is recommended you start with lower dosages, and constant increments when necessary. Although there is little research on the direct of CBD on sexual drive, a general study carried out at Stanford University showed a 22% and 34% increase of sexual activity in men and women above 30 years who consumed CBD products.