Ways to Promote Your CBD Brand

Ways to Promote Your CBD Brand

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cbd ediblesGetting the word out about your cannabidiol (CBD) brand may not be as easy as you’d think. With the cannabis industry experiencing steady growth and seeding itself all around the country, it’s surprising to learn that most major online advertising platforms, such as Facebook and Amazon, provide prohibitive restrictions or outright ban brands from promoting CBD products. This news should be both sobering and a learning experience for anyone at any stage of promoting their CBD brand; some of the most reliable methods for small businesses and independent brands to market themselves are not available or unstable. This means CBD brands will have to think outside of the box if they have any hope of bringing their brand to their desired audience. Though it may take a little more hard work than required for entering into an advertising agreement with a social media giant, luckily CBD brands have a variety of different options available to them to promote their brand. In this article, we’ll quickly cover 7 things your CBD brand can do to promote yourself.

Outsource to a Marketing Agency
While it may be tempting to do it all on your own, running a marketing campaign takes time, resources, and the formulation of a specific plan of action. Plunging too much time and resources into a marketing campaign for your CBD brand can draw attention away from the refinement of the product you’re offering. There’s no shame in bringing in the professionals – especially if you’ve got the budget for it or have other projects on your plate to tackle. A marketing agency can designate a whole team or an experienced individual towards the marketing of your brand, and relying on those who position businesses for success professionally is a reliable way to see some uptick in your CBD brands market share and brand recognition.

Bring in a CBD Consultant
If the budget isn’t there for a full-blown marketing task force, a more affordable alternative is to bring in a CBD consultant. Like the consultants of every industry, CBD consultants possess a mastery of the product they’re hoping to help you sell. Having an experienced professional to help guide your thinking, provide insights, and recommend strategies can be a complete game changer for someone wanting to maintain creative control but looking for a little help in the decision making process. CBD consultancy, though, is a budding field as well – so if this is the route you choose to go, be sure to adequately research potential consultants and thoroughly vet their experience and what they have to offer your business.

digital marketing consultantBuild your CBD Brand
Many of the most prominent CBD brands have built their following through a variety of methods, but virtually all of them have a website, and many also have an Instagram page. At the heart of brand building is establishing a connection with those who follow your brand and love your products. Instagram allows you to market your brand in interesting and engaging ways, but you can also start a blog on your brand website, or even begin an email newsletter to keep your most loyal followers informed about all things brand-related. Remember: The best sort of advertising is a good product.

Harness the Power of Influencers
It’s unlikely that any major celebrity will endorse your CBD product anytime soon. However, there are thousands of influencers online with thousands of followers, and many of them regularly market the products or brands that can afford whatever rates the influencer is charging. Influencers possess legions of followers who often, for better or worse, take the opinions of the influencer very seriously. And because these people are often pretty charismatic, it’s likely that they’ll provide a fresh delivery of your brand to a new and likely broader audience. Whether you’re offering CBD edibles, creams, gummies, or anything in between, let an influencer do the heavy lifting for you.

Use Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing as a brand entails allowing websites to place advertisements for your brand or a specific product on their website, and rewarding them with a percentage ‘commission’ of all purchases that result from the traffic they directed to your site. It’s helpful, in this scenario, to imagine websites as your brands’ salesman. If they can successfully drive traffic and conversions to your CBD brand, you’ll reward them for the role they played in making the sale. Many brands big and small rely on affiliate marketing for at least some percentage of their sales, and it can be thought of as a proven and reliable method for adding to your portfolio of strategies to promote your brand. It’s unlikely that affiliate marketing alone will drive the majority of your sales, but for an emerging brand especially, any extra exposure is worth shelling out a small percentage commission in exchange.

cbd ediblesBuy Podcast or Radio Ads
Anything coming over the airwaves is reliant on advertising for sustainability. You might not be able to get your product featured on a leading podcast or a nationally syndicated radio show, but there are thousands of local stations and emerging products who also rely on advertising for their livelihoods. Getting your CBD brand featured on a podcast frequented by CBD users could be a potential game changer, and it’s surprisingly affordable. Reaching out to any of the podcasts or radio stations you or your customers enjoy and inquiring about rates is a great place to start.

Go Back to the Basics
While it may seem a little old fashioned, advertising in the world around us is still around because it works. Buying a strategically placed billboard, magazine advertisement, a little space on the placemat of a diner – all of these strategies work, and have worked, for a long time. Billboards specifically can be much more cost effective than you’d think, and if you can find one in an optimal location, it’s a great addition to your promotional portfolio.