The Surprising Connection Between CBD and Sex

The Surprising Connection Between CBD and Sex

cbd and sex

cbd and sexIt may sound odd to some that CBD and sex can interact in a positive way, but the truth is that CBD intimacy oil has become a popular product and for good reasons. However, it may not be for the reasons you might initially believe when it comes to sex. As with many uses of CBD, the interaction with sexual intercourse was mostly discovered by accident. For the most part, the use of CBD has been with peripheral issues that affect the overall enjoyment of sex such as relief from pain, reduction of stress, and other benefits that CBD provides.

Pain Relief
Probably the most popular reason CBD is used, providing pain relief for chronic conditions helps to improve the overall enjoyment of sexual intercourse. The painful conditions can be from several sources such as the use of an IUD to endometriosis, arthritis, and more. Chronic pain has been affecting the quality of sex for millions of people, CBD offers a way to reduce the pain and inflammation without the side effects of prescription medications.

Reducing Stress
Another popular use of CBD for sexual intercourse is the reduction of stress. Of all the feelings that can interfere with engaging in sex, stress is one of the most prominent. The effects on the mind and body from prolonged bouts of stress is detrimental to the enjoyment of sex and even initiating such feelings may be difficult in most cases. The use of CBD helps to alleviate stress and anxiety which helps make the experience more pleasurable. For those who suffer from long bouts of stress and anxiety, a combination of CBD and other relaxation methods may offer the answer to improving your sexual experience.

Setting the Mood
There’s little doubt that many use CBD products to create the right mood for intercourse. While some of it may be a placebo effect, it is true that the relaxation properties found in CBD can help create the right mindset for enjoying an intimate night with your partner. Just like taking a drink or enjoying a delicious meal, CBD can provide a change of setting that makes the experience something to look forward to and enjoy.

cbd intimacy oilIt should be noted that while there is plenty of anecdotal evidence, there has yet to be a single wide-range study on the effects of CBD and sex. This is mostly due to the recent introduction of CBD to the mass market thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill. And while some of the evidence that is present may be a placebo in terms of enhancing the sexual experience. It is also true that CBD for the most part does no harm. So, at the very least you run little risk of any detrimental effects from taking CBD before engaging in sex.

The use of CBD intimacy oil has increased considerably over the past year and will continue to be a popular product. With the combination of CBD and sex becoming more apparent, there are many CBD products that can help enhance the experience.