New Jersey is at war with marijuana users

New Jersey is at war with marijuana users

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cbd ediblesWith the advancement of age and modernism, people have opted to rely on drugs such as narcotics and stimulants to numb their minds off the daily busy life. The emerging situation of New Jersey is an example of how terrible the consequences of drug abuse can be.

The psychotropic drug called marijuana or cannabis is one of the most widely abused drugs. Available as CBD edibles, the drug was initially used for therapeutic benefits but now it has put the state of New Jersey at war for the sake of its residents.

The law of the state, as well as the system of, is failing to put forward a solution for the problem that New Jersey has been facing for quite a while now. The situation is alarming having, as reported in 2013, about twenty-four thousand possession arrests of CBD edibles, seven hundred deaths and thousands of people seeking treatment in rehabilitation centers. Yet the lawmakers are unsuccessful to handle the matter.nj marijuana dispensary

The acceptance and access to medical marijuana in New Jersey dispensaries and also in other states have raised the questions of the drug prevalence. In a recently conducted research, it was concluded that the frequency of abuse is related to the density of NJ dispensaries. The cultivation of cannabis is also becoming popular making it easier for anyone to get access.

The number of arrests with CBD edibles is constantly increasing. About seventy percent of the arrestees are drug users while the dealers make up the remaining 30. The obvious racial discrimination in the state makes it even more difficult to impose a just law. According to a study conducted in recent years, the Black and other minorities of the state were three times more likely to get arrested then the Whites.
The outcome of such arrests is yet horrifying with a sentence to jail, loss of employment, suspension of driving license and these consequences are far worst considering one’s immigrant status.nj marijuana dispensary

The state of New Jersey spends colossal resources in this war against the drug. The comprehensive list includes the cost of police, courts and other departments. The state has spent about one million dollars to enforce the laws of betterment yet the situation is crucial than ever. This has caused a negative effect on the state’s budget. The money misspent on these resources could be invested in the improvement of social, educational and health benefits.

The struggling state is still far off the track to surpass this war. Under these circumstances, the step for seeking the prime solution is the need of the hour. The law enforcement is compelled to take initial measures by amending the criminal laws, supervising the widely spread and easily accessed NJ dispensaries, educating the youth about the hazards of abuse, forming a support group and rehabilitation centers and above all, putting the racial discrimination aside to perform under one banner for one cause.