CBD oil has been in the spotlight as of lately due to the general consensus of its effectiveness to help treat a wide range of illnesses conditions. Many people use CBD oil for pain management and relief from anxiety however there have been interesting claims made that CBD may potentially help women ease some of the hassle involved with their menstrual cycle. Female bodies consist of very delicate chemical balances that are easily disturbed or enhanced during the menstrual period. Symptoms such as mood swings, lower back pains, and cramps are all side effects of the female menstrual cycle which can be very tough to deal with every month.

 cbd for pms

Medical professionals have stated that PMS or (Pre-menstrual cycle) has both physiological and physical effects on women who experience it. The effects of PMS can happen anywhere from one day to two weeks before a female gets her monthly cycle. Some of the psychological symptoms of PMS can include:

  • Insecurity
  • Anxiety
  • Self-doubt
  • Depression
  • And more

All of these potential mental setbacks can have severe effects on women dealing with PMS. Women across the globe that are tired of dealing with terrible pain caused by PMS are beginning to turn to CBD for pain reduction during their monthly cycle. CBD is known to be a muscle relaxant which can help ease some of the physical symptoms that PMS causes. Women that have used CBD for PMS state a significant reduction in overall pain and mental anguish during their monthly cycle.

All of the physical pain that women experience during PMS is caused by the over-stimulation of hormone receptors in the body. CBD works to actively counteract these sporadic responses so that you still perform your daily activities while reducing the stress caused by PMS. Clinical trials have been conducted which concluded that patients who were given CBD oil for pain experienced a clinically proven reduction in overall aches and cramps.

There are CBD-infused creams and topical oils that you can use to help reduce some of the physical symptoms of PMS. Using CBD oil for pain reduction is slowly proving to be a very effective alternative to traditional synthetic medications and other treatments. Many women who use CBD for PMS stick to it and never go back to the medications they were using before.

Studies conducted on CBD for PMS have found that CBD has proven anxiolytic and antidepressant properties which can help women manage mood swings during PMS much easier. While research is still being conducted, many women are enjoying the relief and peace of mind that CBD oil provides for the PMS related pain and anxiety.

If you want to try out CBD oil for PMS pain but aren’t sure where to start, try visiting your local head shop where one of the representatives can give you recommendations on how to get started using CBD for PMS symptoms. There are a lot of options out there to help you manage PMS pain, don’t be afraid to try CBD oil and see if it helps you.