How Can CBD Edibles Treat Cramps

How Can CBD Edibles Treat Cramps

CBD ediblesPainful cramps are common during Premenstrual Syndrome and every woman suffers from them. Unfortunately, there is a lack of sufficient treatments to fight the persistent and regular onsets of pain. That’s why a lot of women find themselves struggling with this symptom and are forced to wait until the pain goes away.

Finding ways to treat menstrual pain has been a female quest for years and a lot of women nowadays are open to new ideas that can help them alleviate the pain – including CBD edibles. Although cannabis have been known to help with painful cramps during Premenstrual Syndrome, the rapid growth of cannabis industry as well as CBD products have made medicating with cannabis a more realistic and relatively easier treatment for cramps.

There are limited scientific studies that support CBD edibles being an effective solution for cramps, however that hasn’t stopped the subjective evidence from mounting up. Some women choose THC tampons, but those who don’t want to get high from the treatment prefer CBD edibles.

One great thing about CBD is that it is neither psychoactive nor intoxicating. Consuming CBD edibles to quell pain won’t make you hungry, lazy, euphoric, or otherwise stoned. Not to mention the edibles are not as intimidating as cannabis tampons. That’s why CBD for cramps has been gaining a lot of popularity among women.

How Can CBD Edibles Treat Cramps?

cbd for crampsWith the passage of time, more and more studies are gradually proving that CBD edibles can be an effective pain reliever. Although federal laws have restricted sufficient studies on CBD for cramps, given what is known about cannabis, there is no evidence to prove that menstrual cramps would be exempt from CBD’s pain-relieving traits. In states where the medical cannabis laws are more extensive, using CBD to treat chronic pain is allowed.

Why Does CBD Help with Pain Relief?

Generally, it has to mostly do with how CBD works with the endocannabinoid system, which is a network of chemicals and neurotransmitters, to modulate pain perception. According to studies, CB1 and CB2 receptors are located in cells in the uterus. So, it makes sense to presume that CBD edibles can be used to fight menstrual cramps. Although sufficient research is required to scientifically confirm it.

Anti-inflammatory drugs can help treat menstrual pain. Cannabis, and CBD particularly, is an excellent anti-inflammatory – and unlike most other pharmaceutical anti-inflammatory drugs, CBD is not psychoactive. So, CBD for cramps works great as it doesn’t make you stoned or high.

Final Word

cbd for crampsCBD edibles are great for treating menstrual cramps. The edibles are also an excellent choice because they are relatively inexpensive, readily available, and you can buy them in small quantities depending on your needs. Not to mention they are completely safe as there is no risk of having a psychoactive experience. However, more research is required to confirm the effectiveness of CBD for cramps. Even though the data at the moment is insufficient, the initial evidence suggests that CBD could be the most effective and reliable way to deal with menstrual cramps.