Can CBD cure period pain?

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The prospects of CBD products in relieving pain is not unknown; for a few years now, it is being hailed as the most effective natural alternative that eliminates the excruciating symptoms of arthritis, asthma, sinus congestion and several others through its anti-inflammatory properties. However, now it is time that we start exploring the other...

What are PMS Cramps and What are the Best Treatments?

Cannabidiol is one of the most reliable and trustworthy solutions for complete health and wellness. Several studies reveal that it can also provide relief from PMS Premenstrual Syndrome as well. Generally, no lab tests or physical findings are available about premenstrual syndrome. The doctors may look for some predictable symptoms from the set patterns and...

CBD for Cramps

CBD For Cramps
Aching in the abdomen region and period pain and distress; these are common symptoms of the menstrual cycle; but for some ladies, the situation gets worst with excessive pain and cramps. Moreover, today’s busy lifestyle doesn’t allow us to follow home remedies such as hot baths and heating pads. When the situation goes worst,...

How Cannabis Can Help You Manage Period Pain and Menstrual Cramps

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How cannabis helps during period pain
Cannabis for a long period of time has been the go-to medicine when a person needs to ease any form of physical pain, as the intake of cannabis helps in soaring the sensory nerves thus lessening the main by an extremely high margin. Cannabis now due to the advancement in science and research has been proven to be an excellent medicine when it comes to managing period pain as well. More than half of the population in today’s world who go through the pain caused during period, prefer using cannabis to treat their pain than using pharmaceutical drugs to ease their pain. The advantages of using marijuana are endless and one of the main reason why its popularity and use is growing by the day is that because it not only helps to deal with back pain but also helps in conditions such as Rheumatism, back pain, muscle pain, and many other health conditions. Although cannabis still has not been put on the list of recommended medication for the various health conditions, but as the popularity of it is growing more and more researches are trying to get it to that stand as it has shown to cause less to almost no form of side effect on the human body.

One of the lesser known fact about the use of cannabis by women actually is that it goes way back to the 16th century in China when women started to use marijuana to treat their pain but that all came into an end very soon. It again gained popularity in the 19th century and was frequently given out as a medication for period pain. Many times, women not only experience pain during the period but also a whole set of other related pain that lead to the days up to it. This condition is known as premenstrual syndrome(PMS), and it can manifest in the form of an upset stomach, low sex drive, tender breasts and many other symptoms. In this form of a condition, cannabis acts as the best form of medication as it positively affects all these problems at one go rather than the pharmaceutical company which require you to take a different medication for different issues.
How cannabis helps during Menstrual Cramps
Menstrual cramps are the pain sensation which affects a woman before and during the menstrual period. During mensuration the higher levels of prostaglandins which get released cause the uterine muscle to contract and expand which eventually causes extreme pain also called as menstrual cramps.


Cannabis has a significant role to play here as the THC which is present in cannabis acts as a muscle relaxant hence treating the cramps indirectly. Almost all cannabis cause anti-inflammatory effects of the human body which when acted upon prostaglandins does not allow the inflammatory system to take place thus reducing an alarming amount of pain. The most common cannabis strains which are used to treat menstrual cramps are Solomatic CBD, White Widow, Sour Diesel and  Shining Silver Haze.