Can CBD cure period pain?

Can CBD cure period pain?

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The prospects of CBD products in relieving pain is not unknown; for a few years now, it is being hailed as the most effective natural alternative that eliminates the excruciating symptoms of arthritis, asthma, sinus congestion and several others through its anti-inflammatory properties. However, now it is time that we start exploring the other areas of human body that can potentially benefit from CBD products such as CBD edibles, nasal spray, CBD oil and tinctures and even cosmetics.

A question that has been doing rounds for quite some while now is whether or not can CBD cure period pain, and we would want to start by asserting that the answer to this is a big yes. To begin with the CBD products that we are referring to here are completely free from all signs of THC- the primary compound that causes the feeling of “high” and temporarily intervenes all the senses of the mind. Thereby, all we are left with is a high-quality and profoundly useful compound that is extremely affordable and isn’t accompanied by severe aftermaths.

CBD subsides period pain
The hormone that is responsible for causing pain during menstrual cycle is known by the name of prostaglandins and when a woman is experiencing periods, the production of prostaglandins touches sky high hence generating the nerve-wrecking discomfort. Prostaglandins are nothing but inflammatory molecules that remain activated throughout the menstrual cycle; when the level of this hormone increases, it makes way for one to come across higher degrees of pain and vice versa. A study conducted to confirm the effectiveness of CBD edibles and the other products on periods pain confirmed that when ingested, they reduce the production of prostaglandins to some extent by curbing the COX enzyme.

It stimulates the endocannabinoid system cbd edibles
Apart from working on the prostaglandin hormones, CBD has a tendency of treating menstrual pain by acting upon the endocannabinoid system. The primary function of the endocannabinoid system is to initiate homeostasis- a state of balance in the body and whose harmony in indispensible to regulate pain, inflammation, sleep, appetite, mood, cognitive functions and immunity. When CBD is introduced to the body, it doesn’t directly interact with the CB1 and CB2 receptors; rather pair up with the enzymes and break down the endocannabinoids that are naturally produced by the body . Thereby, cannabis work via the endocannabinoids as they are the dominant components that open doors for anti-inflammatory conditions, pain-relieving foundations and other profitable effects during periods.

CBD edibles can work wonders
For people who are looking forward to immediate relief from period pain, the CBD edibles might not be the most appropriate recourse; nonetheless, because they take more time to get absorbed by the body, the impact is long-lasting and helps the body to adapt to the changes with time. Also, the most glaring advantage of CBD edibles and nasal sprays is that they are very easy to use and can assist the user to resort to consistent dosing and tends to last longer.