Best Edibles in Colorado

Best Edibles in Colorado

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 colorado ediblesResearch indicates that more people prefer to consume cannabis in edible form than smoking or vaping it. They preferred edibles because they’re convenient, discreet, and provide a less intense high than other methods of use. They also offer a longer-lasting effect – up to 12 hours. This has opened up a whole new world for those that want to use it for medical or recreational use but don’t enjoy smoking it for one reason or another. It is not just brownies anymore either.

When you think of CBD edibles, the first thought that comes to mind is gummies, but there is so much more than just candy to enjoy. Some of these you might not have ever thought to put together but the creators of these fabulous confections have spent years perfecting their recipes for these decadent indulgences. The flavor options include gummies, lollipops, mints, sodas, granola bars, ice cream, and more. You don’t have to worry about how much you’re consuming because everything is perfectly dosed and everything listed on the label. Check out this list of some of the best CBD edibles in Colorado.

Canyon Cultivation Infused Coffee
Coffee and cannabis go together like two peas in a pod. Cannabis gives the coffee a richer flavor while balancing the effects of caffeine. Canyon Cultivation Coffee is made from Guatemalan beans and infused with 10 mg of THC for a perfect start to any day. It was originally designed as a cold brew formula but you can enjoy it hot or cold. You’ll never miss that high-profile coffee shop ever again.

Coda Truffles
These beauties are a chocolaty work of art. You’ve never had candy like this before. Each truffle is made by hand and filled with chocolate ganache. They are then coated with high-quality chocolate and then decorated with confectioner’s paint. Each box comes with 6 truffles each one is infused with 10 mg of CO2 cannabis oil. Currently, there are three collections to choose from: Crescendo, Forte, and Serenade. Flavors for the different collections include hazelnut, caramel, tiramisu, earl grey, juniper lemon, and peanut butter and jelly. It’s easy to see how this is one of the best Colorado edibles. In fact, they are so good they won the 2016 High Times Colorado Cannabis Cup for best edible.

cbd ediblesIced Whitewater Blissful Black Tea
Are you the type of person who likes to sit on the deck or porch with a cold glass of ice tea in the summer? This is all about old-fashioned flavors. This flavorful tea is perfect for those moments when you just want to sit back and enjoy the day. The tea is a blend of black tea that is infused with 10mg of THC while it steeps. It makes the perfect base for your drink all you need to add is lemon, honey, and crushed ice. And don’t forget the straw.


NectarBee Truffles
Looking for something tasty to take on your next camping trip? These truffles are reminiscent of the smores you made as a kid. Flavors of chocolate, marshmallow, and graham cracker in a grown-up version. Perfect for relaxing by the fire. They also come in key lime flavor with chocolate and a hint of salt.

Chilly Homemade CannaPunch Popsicles
Popsicles are a great way to cool off in the summer while enjoying a sweet treat. This lovely cannabis-infused Blue Raspberry Punch makes great popsicles. Each bottle of punch makes 10 10mg THC popsicles. You pour the entire bottle into a popsicle mold and freeze.

1906 Chill Chocolate Bars, Peanut Butter Cups
From Chill chocolate bars to Bliss peanut butter cups and GO coffee beans, 1906 are experts at what they do with cannabis and confectionary creations. Each piece of chocolate in the Chill bar contains 25mg of CBD and 5mg of THC along with L-Theanine. This is perfectly blended for flavor and in keeping to strict Colorado state requirements that no single piece of chocolate or edible type of cannabis can contain more than 10mg of THC.
Dixie Synergy Mints

This is a box of sweet, fruity-flavored mints in orange, pomegranate, and peppermint. Each box contains 16 mints with 5mg of THC per mint. There is also a tart fruit collection for those who like their fruit a little more intense with flavors of sour lemon, grape, and cherry.

cbd ediblesKeef Cola
Keef Cola uses nanotechnology to emulsify tiny THC molecules into liquid so it can be mixed for easier consumption and faster for easier and faster bio-availability. Keef Cola THC beverages contain organic cane sugar and natural flavors making it a great option for home or on-the-go. Other flavors include Blue Razz, Cherry Bomb Cola, Orange Kush, Purple Passion, and High-Octane.

Love’s Oven Turtle Brownies
Couldn’t have a list of edibles without including an old-time favorite. These luscious treats are moist, chocolaty, and are melt-in-your-mouth delicious. Each brownie is topped with caramel sauce and chopped pecans. Each brownie bite contains 10mg of THC in a box of 10 individually-wrapped brownie bites. Decadent and delicious.

Ingredients include:
Chocolate Chips, Instant Coffee, Cocoa Powder, Caramel, Colorado Beet Sugar, Pecans, Pure Vanilla Extract, Cannabutter, Egg, White Flour, Baking Powder, and Salt.

Ripple Dissolvables
You can literally make anything an edible with Ripple. Ripple is dissolvable THC + CBD in powder form and comes in single-serve packets. It is odorless, flavorless, and has zero calories. You can add it to water, beverages, or sprinkle over your favorite foods for endless choices. Sprinkle over poached eggs, on guacamole toast, or on your favorite flavor of ice cream. When it comes to consuming cannabis, the possibilities are endless. There are so many good options out there for CBD edibles in a number of flavorful varieties. Coffee, chocolate, ice cream, and bakery goods are just a few of the standard recipes that you may have known about before, but give some of these Colorado edibles a try to open up your tastebuds for some new favorites.